We've all experienced the frenzy of a donation drive, without them nonprofit stations wouldn't be possible.

To help your drive run more smoothly,
FNDRSNG benefits include:

real time live feeds for donations

Raise More Money

Providing your staff with accurate information quicker than ever before allows your organization to raise more money than ever before

form automation to help volunteers

Impact More People

Streamlining the donation process along with providing perfect volunteer training allows you to increase your reach and spend more time impacting more people.

donor matches and manager dashboard

Increase Volunteer Effectiveness

Our software coordinates the donation process and organizes all of the information in an easy to understand manner; allowing your volunteers to spend more time connecting with your supporters

Live Custom Analytics including geographic heat maps

Reduce Staff Stress

From collecting and organizing all the data in every aspect of a drive to training your volunteers until they are superstars, our software handles it all so your staff doesn't have to.

Increase Data Accuracy

Increase Data Accuracy

We collect and organize every piece of data during an entire drive in real time; allowing you to draw more accurate conclusions and make better decisions.

Easier Followup after a drive

Easier Followup after a drive

With accurate information comes an easier followup process. Now, keeping track of and thanking your supporters is easier than ever before

Don't trust our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say about us and our FNDRSNG Software.

Bill Sammons:
President & General Manager / The Bridge

"It has made us sound better on the air, it's reduced our stress like you can't believe... it's unbelievable what it has done, it has revolutionized our fundraising efforts."

Pat Scott:
Executive Director / The Promise FM

"Overall, if you are thinking about partnering, I would certainly check these guys out."

Kristen Boyce:
Director of Donor Development / The Bridge

"It's been a huge help for us, it has streamlined so many different functions for us and the team has been wonderful to work with."

Scott Blackwell:
Business Relations Manager / The Promise FM

"The training was so much easier with volunteers because the information was there in front of them, it was so much easier for them to work with the donor on the line."

Andrew Jackson:
Director of Marketing and Analytics/ The Bridge

"Everything from preparation to execution and analysis, the entire scope of the FNDRSNG dashboard has been wonderful. It really does encourage deeper giving through better donor engagement."